The Social Impact Award

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All categories are open to nominations from Social Enterprises operating in the Yorkshire and Humber area, with exception of the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award which is open to an individual working within a Social Enterprise in the Yorkshire and Humber area.

For the purposes of these awards, a Social Enterprise is defined as a business which;

a. has a clear social or environmental mission which is set out in its governing documents, and

b. is an independent business which earns income through trading, and

c. is controlled or owned in the interests of the social mission, and

d. either reinvests or gives away profits or surpluses to further its social purpose, and

e. is transparent about how it operates and the impact it has.


All applications will be judged against the following criteria:


Demonstrable sustainability of the social enterprise

Evidence of impact to the community

Clear values and mission

Strength of arguments and clarity of written answers


The Social Impact Award 

This award is open to social enterprises that are able to clearly demonstrate, evidence and communicate their social impact with their stakeholders. 



1. Evidenced community impact in line with objectives and vision 2. Excellent measurement and reporting processes 3. Use of varied evidence types, such as (but not limited to) interviews, focus groups and surveys 4. Evidenced stakeholder engagement, including communication of their impact in creative ways to maximise awareness 5. Proof of effective evaluation and process review mechanisms, including evidence of incorporating such findings into future operations


We advise that you answer the questions in a document and when you are ready to submit copy the answers over as the form will not save part way through.


Organisational Financial Details

2017 - 2018

2018 - 2019


Please provide the details of two people who are happy to be contacted in support of this nomination. These could be a social enterprise adviser, a consultant, or someone within the organisation who is not already named in this application.
If you are nominating someone for the Award, please include your details as a reference in addition to one other individual who is happy to support the nomination.

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